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About Secured Close

At Secured Close, we understand that change is not always easy. That is why we help agents transition from a one-person operation to a streamlined, money-making business. Our coordinators complete nearly all of the day to day operations of getting you from contract to close. This allows you to focus all your time on money-making activities. 

You should be focused on making money instead of collecting utility information, sending documents to the title company, scheduling walk-throughs, planning inspections, fighting with mortgage originators, and worrying about deadlines. Agents who use a transaction coordinator make over 20% more money, have more free time, worry less about deadlines, and have a more sustainable, defined business. Our coordinators are trained to keep you on track and complete nearly all the tasks from contract to close. We work closely with all parties to process contract documents, watch deadlines, coordinate inspections, store paperwork, and get the deal closed. They have a strong understanding of the process and are tasked with monitoring the deal from start to finish. 

Transaction Coordinators help you complete more transactions, gain more clients, keep current clients happy, and decrease your all-through rate. It’s time to upgrade your business!

White House with Lights
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